New Government Plans for Mental Health Transformation

Government Transformation of Children’s Mental Health

Recently Theresa May announced that the UK government will launch a major thematic review into Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), as part of their plans to increase the focus on mental health as a true “parity of esteem” with physical health.

The new measures include that every secondary school will receive ‘mental health first aid’ training, with extra training for teachers in order to better support students experiencing problems.

We’re delighted at the announcement and the new attention that mental health is being given in parliament and in the media. To date, Worth-it has trained over 1,500 professionals across schools and colleges on topics such as Resilience and Emotional Health. Our training is recognised by CUREE (Centre for the use of Research and Evidence in Education, and is underpinned by applied positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Although more funding is still needed in the area of mental health services, we are encouraged that more discussion and debate regarding young people’s wellbeing is happening in the education sector.

The Government’s new plans also include investing in new digital tools and strengthening the links between schools and local NHS mental health staff.

As part of our continued contribution to improving mental wellbeing, we will be working with Health for Teens, run by the Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust. We will also be working in partnership with Time To Change, the national programme working to end the stigma against mental health. We’ll be bringing awareness of their national campaign across schools in Leicestershire.

In addition to our work with schools and colleges across Leicestershire, we continue to encourage mental health support and knowledge within the education system and equip young people with the tools to build healthy and resilient mindsets.

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