SAT’s and Stress in Children

SAT’s and Stress in Children

Children have always experienced pressure during SAT’s but we are now seeing unprecedented reports in the media of SAT’s and stress in children caused by this testing.

The new deliberately tougher SATs were introduced this year, to reflect the new national curriculum which was introduced in 2014. Due to these academic pressures and testing teachers are reporting children are suffering from undue stress, anxiety, feeling demoralised and being reduced to tears. There is mounting concern that this exam stress could lead to mental health problems.

None of us want to see our children suffer exam stress in such a detrimental way but testing is a part of school life and is unlikely to go away. Therefore, turning stress into something positive can actually have a potentially dramatic effect on how students perceive, respond and allow it to affect them.

At Worth-it we believe that instead of trying to remove the causes of stress or giving children methods to cope with stress, we should instead be teaching them to be more resilient to stress.

With this in mind we have specifically designed Workshop Sessions for primary school children, to help them develop the resilience characteristics and wellbeing needed to cope with difficult situations and combat poor emotional health.

To learn more about primary education, mental health and resilience see our blog.

 Training and Support for Children’s Wellbeing

Our Children’s Wellbeing Package includes sessions for pupils and an interactive workshop for staff. The workshop for staff is designed to meet the specific needs of students, whether it’s a self-esteem boost or to be able to recognise and use their strengths and will cover:

  • What emotional wellbeing is and why to act now
  • Thoughts and feelings driving communication and behaviour
  • Exploration within a wellbeing framework to identify good practice and next steps

By the end of the workshop teachers will have a clearer understanding of what emotional and mental health is and how it can impact on a child’s communication and behaviour.  We will examine what is driving their communication and behaviour, whilst exploring strategies that can be developed and adapted to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing, which can then be implemented easily into the classroom.

Children’s Wellbeing Workshops

The sessions for children are usually delivered in schools as part of themed wellbeing weeks or days, these have included Children’s Mental Health Week, Mastering Me week, Wellbeing Week or World Mental Health day.

The workshops sessions for pupils are aimed at years 5 and 6 with the option to pick from the following:

  • Esteem Booster – This session will look at developing self-esteem.  Children will explore what is needed to help them be more confident and ways they can put their thoughts, ideas and opinions forward to others.  The session will build and develop peer support and positive feedback helping to boost their esteem moving forward.
  • Bounce Back – This session will explore what keeps people going when things are tough and how to develop resilience.  Children will explore times they have achieved something positive, how they did it and how they can use resilience to help them in the future.  Children will be given the opportunity to think about future opportunities and identify how they can use their resilience to have them overcome and achieve.
  • Thinking for Myself – This session will help children to start to think about how they can make a choice that is right for them.  We will explore decisions they have made before, what the outcomes have been and what they would do differently next time. This is a great session to help children recognise their actions and behaviours are their responsibility.
  • My Character Strengths – This session will enable children to explore what they are good at and recognise times they have used their strengths to achieve.  They will explore how people see them and if they are showing them the strengths they want to have recognised.

Children participating in the sessions will leave with a resource they have been working on and can continue to utilise at school, home or during social play.

All of our tailored sessions are underpinned by our evidence based approach.

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