Worth-it Projects Are Delivering Services in New Areas!

We’re pleased to announce that Worth-It Projects are delivering services in new areas. Our focus is to continue to increase emotional health and mental wellbeing in the people we come into contact with and to educating others to do the same.We want to support as many young people as possible to benefit from positive psychology coaching to improve resilience and mental wellbeing. We also want to meet the increasing demand for prevention of mental health issues and see a move to early intervention practices.

We believe we are well on the way to achieve our aims of –

  • Pioneering the use of positive psychology coaching and positive education throughout the UK.
  • Becoming a recognised established provider of wellbeing support for young people nationally.
  • Contributing to sustainable systemic change through a proactive, preventative approach for improving young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Positively impact on children and young people.

Why Have We Grown?

The numbers of young people experiencing mental health problems is on the increase, generating wide spread concern. Poor mental health can have a huge detrimental impact on a young person’s life and future, affecting attainment and achievement at school. Until recently this has been an area that has been under funded and poorly serviced, however, we are starting to see a shift towards a greater commitment to raising awareness, improving services and investing in intervention and prevention.

The shift towards a holistic and comprehensive approach to mental health is advocated by government and schools in particular are increasingly being encouraged to take responsibility to raise awareness of mental health problems. Recent changes to the Ofsted common inspection framework include the emotional and mental wellbeing of students. It states that for schools to achieve good or outstanding status pupils must learn about emotional and mental health and be able to make informed choices regarding their emotional and mental well-being.

Worth-It Projects are delivering services across the region; reaching more and more schools and those who work with young people, to give support and training to provide the tools and techniques to recognise and deal with mental health issues.

How are Worth-It Projects Delivering Services In New Areas?

We have highly professional and experienced team members across the UK delivering varied aspects of our approach from resilience training, targeted coaching and peer coaching for young people to wellbeing training services for staff members and organisations.

The areas we cover include:

Leicester City
Northern Ireland
Nottinghamshire & City

Worth-it Areas


Our way of working offers innovative interventions based on an established evidence base, which has been developed from positive psychology frameworks and coaching psychology models. Our range of interventions fit with a variety of settings where young people need support, including looked after children, schools (primary and secondary), youth organisations and job centres. This provides a consistent and coherent range of early intervention strategies.

Our interventions, based on the 3 stand programme indicated below, are designed to identify young people at risk of developing mental health problems, those who can benefit from the development of resilience and the broader role schools, community and other settings can and do play in protecting and promoting wellbeing.

3 strand programme

Settings of support:
Promoting mental wellbeing through existing resources, classes and activities within schools and organisations to protect and promote resilience allowing schools, youth services, charities etc to build their own understanding and confidence in providing support for young people.
At risk and vulnerable young people:
Using training and targeted interventions to develop techniques for those working directly with at risk of vulnerable young people. Working as a partnership with a third sector/social enterprise partnership these approaches will be blended and developed for specific groups of young people. Being in the form of stand-alone courses and as part of a wider approach to raise awareness and preventative work undertaken and delivered in schools and colleges.
Whole system change:
Using these processes and interventions as a means of building connections between different professional groups, organisations and sectors. Developing a shared agenda to create and build these connections.

Future Plans

In addition to expanding to new areas across the UK, we are also building our teams in the areas we currently work in – investing in more and more professional and experienced associates who are passionate about emotional health and wellbeing and who want to help make a difference and a better future for vulnerable young people.

We will continue to provide our commissioned training services for Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (see our Events page for upcoming training sessions). We will also build on and expand partnerships with third sector organisations who deliver licenced programmes with us.

And finally we will further our work with schools to develop whole school approaches to mental health and support young people to build resilience and improve mental wellbeing.

We are really excited about spreading the Worth-it Projects approach and raising the mental health of more and more young people. It’s going to be a great year!

Contact Us

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