Worth-it Projects FIRST Forest Schools Programme

Physical and mental health early intervention programme for young people

Worth-It Projects FIRST Forest Schools Programme is an original co-produced targeted positive education programme, created with and for disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. It is the only positive education programme that integrates coaching psychology and positive psychology which is specifically targeted at improving the mental wellbeing of vulnerable young people.

This summer Worth-it Projects introduce their FIRST Forest Schools Programme, which combines the FIRST approach with practical and physical outdoor activities. With the aim to help young people who are experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem and who may be struggling to understand how they feel.

This blog explores how physical and practical activity can enhance emotional health & wellbeing and how Worth-it Projects FIRST Forest Schools Programme integrates this to benefit young people during the summer holidays.

Physical Activity and Wellbeing

There are many reasons other than physical health why activity is good for young people. It also has a great positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

The government defines wellbeing as ‘a positive physical, social and mental state’. It gives us a sense of feeling good about ourselves and enables us to function well individually or in groups and in relationships. It is also provides the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life, coping with challenges and making the most of opportunities.

Mental wellbeing does not mean being happy all the time or not experiencing negative or painful emotions, such as grief, loss, or failure, which are a part of normal life. However, whatever your age, being active can help you to lead a mentally healthier life and can improve your wellbeing.

Being active, trying new things and developing new skills has a huge potential to enhance wellbeing and can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help to prevent the development of mental health problems and improve the quality of life of those with poor emotional health and wellbeing.

What does the FIRST Forest Schools Programme Include?

With this is mind Worth-it Projects and Forest schools are delivering a combined fun and interactive positive education & personal development group programme during the summer holidays for young people between 13-17 years old in an outdoor environment.

Running on dates throughout the summer holidays, the day will be split in to two sessions whereby young people will take part in a range of practical and physical activities with Forest Schools such as shelter and camp craft, fire lighting, outdoor cooking and working with tools.

The second part of the day with Worth-it Projects will cover emotional literacy, creating an opportunity for young people to explore different thoughts, feelings and emotions. The aim is to help young people to become more self-aware and understand their feelings, feel more in control of their reactions, learn positive coping strategies and have a balanced outlook on life.

FIRST Forest Schools will help young people to build independence and confidence, become more self-aware and also gain skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork.

Contact Worth-it Projects Today

The schools holidays can prove to be tough for young people who are experiencing poor emotional health and wellbeing – increasing their potential sense of isolation and means of support that they would perhaps usually gain from their school.

This programme will provide the opportunity for young people to get outdoors, experience new activities & opportunities and meet new people as well as receiving help and the tools to understand and manage their emotions.

If you know of any young people who you think would benefit from attending this programme, please do contact us to discuss in more detail. Please call on 01530 835155 or email [email protected]