Youth Select Committee report sets out five year mental health plan

A Youth Select Committee report for mental health has recently been released, which sets out a five year plan for mental health for young people.

The report states that poor mental health carries an economic and social cost of £105 billion a year in England and for too long, people of all ages with mental health problems have been stigmatised and marginalised, often experiencing an NHS that treats their minds and bodies separately.

In this blog we will explore the government’s response to the recommendations and will also demonstrate how Worth-it Projects can equip schools with the tools and techniques required to help meet these.

The Government Response to the Youth Select Committee Report

  • Young people should leave school with a good level of understanding of mental health
  • Mental health should have the same statutory attainment levels as that of physical health
  • Once attainment levels have been introduced, Ofsted should assess whether pupils are reaching them
  • Mandatory minimum training for teachers on young people’s mental health – how to respond to a young person who asks about mental health, how to spot problems and where to refer them
  • The inclusion of a trained counsellor in all schools and counselling services available to all secondary school pupils
  • Peer-to-peer support for all pupils during exams would be beneficial, as exams can cause significant stress to pupils and schools need to offer specific additional support during these periods
  • Schools put in place plans for how they will support pupils in managing stress during exam period

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How Worth-it Projects Can Help Schools Meet the Recommendations

At Worth-it projects we work tirelessly with schools to help improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people and fully support the new initiatives as set out in the Youth Select Committee report. We are here to support schools who are increasing viewed as a main support service and who are in the best position for early intervention and response to the signs of mental health issues.

Our training services provide schools with the tools and techniques to recognise the signs and respond to mental health issues in their vulnerable young people. Our training equips people to use skills which build resilience, improve mental wellbeing and prevent mental health problems developing. In this way school staff can teach pupils how to understand their own mental health and support them with how to manage what they are experiencing themselves.

Changes to the Ofsted common inspection framework includes the emotional and mental wellbeing of students and goes beyond supporting individual students with specific mental health or behavioural needs and to create a culture that promotes wellbeing for all students. Therefore, our recommended best practice approach is to develop whole school thinking about mental health. This can be achieved through developing a whole school approach, a framework that works for your school and allows for the easy application of interventions that improve mental wellbeing.

To provide on-site support we provide a complimentary service to counselling with our coaching, which is an evidence based and pro-active intervention.  Through our targeted coaching sessions we provide young people with the skills to grow both personally and academically, with the aim to reduce disengagement from education and give them the chance they need to achieve their full potential. This service helps improve negative attitudes, engagement and attainment in learning and helps to build confidence and motivation.

In order to help school formulate plans to support pupils in managing stress during exam periods we offer a Peer Support programme. This is designed for young people in post 16 education to act as peer supporters, who are trained and supported appropriately to help improve the mental health of other students.This is particularly useful during exam times but is a great form of additional help and support for younger students at any time.

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Mental health is a major part of young people’s general wellbeing and has important implications for every aspect of young people’s lives including their ability to engage with education, make and keep friends, engage in constructive family relationships and find their own way in the world. With Worth-it Projects proven approach we can help you not only support individuals with poor mental health but improve the wellbeing of the whole school, leading to improved achievement and attainment.

To discuss any issues arising from this blog or to talk about how Worth-it Projects can help improve mental health and emotional welling in your school, please to not hesitate to contact us.