Character Strengths Cards

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A pack of 24 + 2 colourful strengths cards to support the development of character strengths.

These cards integrate the VIA strengths classification with Worth-it’s approach to wellbeing coaching. The cards can be used in a variety of ways with individuals, groups or teams to build awareness and use of character strengths. They are suitable for use with adults, children and young people.



These Character Srengths Cards use simple images to represent each strength, and are colour-coded into the six virtues of Humanity, Wisdom, Temperance, Justice, Transcendence, and Courage. The reverse of each card provides a simple definition of each strength along with questions that encourage self-reflection and self-awareness to develop strengths use.

Included in the pack are two additional cards providing ideas of ways to use the cards and strengths coaching questions, empowering you to create strengths coaching activities that help improve self-worth, resilience and wellbeing.