Character Education for Positive Mental Health

Character Education in Primary Schools

Character education in primary schools is about helping children to understand what is morally important in certain situations and to act for the right reasons. There is an emphasis on the need to decide what kind of person they wish to become, learn to choose between alternative courses of action or to find new ones. The ultimate aim of character education is to develop good sense with the capacity to choose intelligently between alternatives, involving knowing how to choose the right course of action in difficult situations.

Primary character education helps students to develop self-control, emotional intelligence and the resilience to keep trying and achieve personally and academically, as a result from activities, tools and techniques that help them develop positive personal strengths.

Character is the foundation for improved attainment, achievement and improved behaviour and the earlier on in a child’s education character is developed the more likely children will go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives – reducing the risk of developing mental health issues later in life.

Character Education for Positive Mental Health

As reported in the Department of Health document ‘Future in Mind’, in an average class of 30 children, three will suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder including conduct disorders, anxiety, depression and severe ADHD.

In 2015/16 the Department for Health announced that schools would be encouraged to develop whole-school approaches to promoting mental health and wellbeing and this would include work on character and resilience. Primary schools are seen as vital in order to prevent issues like self-harm and eating disorders developing in later life, as children can develop healthy coping skills, communication and problem-solving skills early on and embed them for future difficulties and diversity. Schools are no longer just about promoting academic excellence.

What works in Primary Character Education?

In order for children to develop good character traits they need to be able to name, understand, explain and respond appropriately to their emotions. Worth-it Projects helps children to do this by adopting an approach that helps to build emotional health and wellbeing in young people in order to build resilience.

This will increase self-awareness, self-reliance, development of positive coping strategies, decision making and impulse control. This in turn will lead to the ability to develop character traits, attributes and behaviours that lead to success both personally and educationally.

We are dedicated to helping primary schools ensure that children develop character traits, including perseverance, resilience, grit, confidence, motivation and optimism. All of which are essential to promote, protect and improve emotional and mental wellbeing.

With this in mind we have recently launched our new Children’s Wellbeing Workshops for primary school children, to help them develop the resilience characteristics, outlined above, which are needed to be able to cope with difficult situations and combat poor emotional health.

Through our own research we know that our interventions make a positive impact on children’s lives and that of the whole school. We consistently monitor and evaluate the impact of our approach and know that our work improves emotional health and wellbeing and maintains changes over time.  We are the leading providers of training in this field and are proud to know that we make a difference. To find out more about the impact we have, please take a look at our evidence base.

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